Accommodations That Don't Need a Sticker

The accommodations covered by our three sticker system, while as comprehensive as possible for the most common needs in an event context, only account for a fraction of the access needs people may have. A number of these needs are automatically met by the design of our event, while the rest can be met by a combination of attendee preparedness and individualized plans with our staff. The below list of examples is not comprehensive, but is intended to prompt further consideration by attendees while making plans for attendance. We also kindly request that if you have any accommodation needs that will involve our team's support, you fill out this form if you have not already done so.

  • If you have sensory sensitivities, we recommend that you plan to utilize the quiet room as needed, and in addition you may wish to bring a selection of sensory tools for use in the rest of the convention space. Tools that may be useful at a Mischief Management event include but are not limited to noise canceling headphones/ear defenders, earplugs, fidget/stim tools, and sunglasses.
  • If you require individualized support throughout the weekend, we recommend bringing a companion to accompany you. We offer free Aide passes that your companion can use to accompany you throughout the event, though they will not be permitted to attend programming on their own. You can request an Aide pass upon arrival at the accessible check-in desk or Customer Service.
  • If you do not require a guide to navigate the convention space full time but would benefit from support familiarizing yourself with the space, we offer the opportunity to take a brief tour of the event space with a Mischief Management staff member. Please check in with Customer Service when you arrive to make a plan.
  • For attendees who struggle with executive dysfunction, the Customer Service team is always happy to provide support managing unexpected plan changes, parsing the schedule, navigating the convention center, etc.
  • If you have dietary restrictions and need support making a plan for food, our team will do our best to provide you with as comprehensive as possible a list of the dining options available in and around the convention center. Please email us at if you need this information.

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