What information do I need to share with staff?

For the most part, the only information we ask you to share with us is whatever we have to know in order to meet your needs. In practice, this is usually a statement like “I am not able to stand up to wait in lines” or “I have difficulty hearing, so I need to sit near the speakers” — enough to give us an idea of what need we will be meeting with the accommodation you are requesting. Beyond that, while you are welcome to share whatever you are comfortable with, it is absolutely not necessary. To help illustrate the differences, here are some examples of things you don’t need to share:

  • Diabetes diagnosis — you don’t need to share this since we are not providing food, but if you need support finding accessible food options we can help!
  • Sensory sensitivities — you don’t need to share this since the quiet room, which is freely accessible to all attendees, is the only accommodation we standardly offer for these disabilities, and otherwise most accommodations are things you do for yourself. If you have any questions or need support making a plan you are of course welcome to reach out.
  • The specific details of your disabilities, mental illnesses, or symptoms in general — while we are always happy to hear whatever details you wish to share, the only information we need from you is the specific needs you have that will need our support to be met while you are at our event.

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